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Road Runner Tire Prep


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Tar The Highest Sticky Traction Prep (No Webbing of tire)will mix with any other prep on surface oil based, PJ and others, can apply as many coats as you need most use 3-4 to start then 2 as track builds Tack. Heat is an option but not needed will flash in cold or hot weather in less than a min..

SS Twister is a little less aggressive Sticky still (No webbing Effect) will mix with other oil based and Pj Based preps

C1 Is a Conditioner to use before applying Above Prep for better Adhesive and also a great dry tire Prep to keep tire from Drying out during race day. Bite comes up as tire is heated or a burn out.

13.5 is a Oil base Softener for forward Bite help the tire from drying out during the week before racing and Can be used on race day if tires become dry feeling

Tire must be dry to apply The TAR or SS Twister, if tire is oily feeling must be cleaned.