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R1 Digital-3 Mod ESC With * Gauge Upgraded Wire/ Switch


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This is the original Digital-3 MOD ESC with 8awg wires pre-installed as well as a upgraded switch! Equipped with our first generation mosfet.

Normally when we inspect a typical damaged ESC, we would find a single component failure or a single circuit block failure. Damaged ESC’s used for drag racing are found to have multiple component failure and/or multiple circuit block failure. This makes the ESC not cost effective to repair and in most cases not repairable at all even if we tried. Due to this finding, we would like to inform all RC drag racers that we can no longer accept requests to repair on all Digital-3 ESC’s used for drag racing purposes. In addition, R1Wurks will not cover any damage related to the use of the Digital-3 ESC in any form of RC drag racing. If the Digital 3 is used for drag racing, this will automatically void the limited warranty for this product. Any exterior visible hardware damage that requires repair like wires, switches, button, case, fan port and sensor port will be handled on a case to case basis under our discretion.